Here, we provide an;

OVER-SEA OFFICE for foreign investors.

This is for;

  • Investors who do not meet the necessary administrative or legal conditions to establish or set up their offices totally within a given period of time in Cameroon but will want to be present during that period and take advantage of some business opportunity.
  • Investors who will not want to spend much in establishing an office in Cameroon for a particular period of time due to the nature of the business.
  • Investors or any organization having temporal business operations or short term assignments in Cameroon.

In these case, we can provide to them an office space in our company for a point of reference for their clientele and government authorities. Or,

We run all the administrative errands, do all necessary documentations, recruit adequate manpower and machines if necessary for their operations in Cameroon for the period they are going to stay. Or even operate as a partner via a partnership agreement.


This is for;

  • Investors in Cameroon who wish to be presented all over the national territory or take advantage of a particular investment opportunity in a market where they are not having representations.
  • Investors who want to create a market for their products where we have our representation but will not like or have enough capital to do so

In this situation, we will act as a point of reference for their marketing/management activities in the said market or act as a partner through a partnership agreement for the provision of the products of the said company in that market.